How To Install Water Filter – 6 Quick and Easy Steps

This blog is a guide on how to install water filter. You can install a water filtration system that uses cartridge filters under a sink and provides clean water through a sink-top spout as a do-it-yourself project.

The filter unit is mounted in an existing cabinet, connected to a cold water pipe using the special saddle valve, and then connected to the existing water lines.

A variety of water filters is available, including dual-cartridge filters like the one below and reverse-osmosis systems that provide clean water through a tank under the sink that holds the water and is connected to the sink’s trap because it discharges wastewater.

Electricity is not required for either type.

APEC reverse-osmosis drinking water filter
APEC reverse-osmosis drinking water filter

The filters inside cartridge-based water filters need to be replaced periodically – usually twice a year. Filter cartridges should be replaced if they start smelling, tasting, and/or flowing differently.

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1. Mount the dispenser

Most dispensers can fit in an extra hole in a sink top, but if you already have a dispenser in the hole, your next step would be to drill a fresh hole in the sink or countertop. According to the instructions of the manufacturer, you should drill the hole in the specified location and size.

Mount the dispenser
Mount the dispenser

Make sure to drill for the dispenser in stainless-steel sinks only; if you have a porcelain sink, you must drill through the countertop.

Using titanium graduated drill bit and milling oil, you can drill a hole in stainless steel sinks as shown in the following video.

You may find this video helpful to see how to drill diamond-ground tip geometry drill bits into granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic, and terracotta tiles.

2. Install a Saddle Valve

You will need to connect this to an existing cold water supply line via a saddle valve. When installing a saddle valve, first turn off the water supply and then open the faucet so that the line can drain.

Install a water filter saddle valve
Install a water filter saddle valve

In the supply line, drill a small hole as directed by the manufacturer. Place the valve over the pipe so that the lance fits into the hole created by the valve, and turn the knob to expose the lance for puncturing the pipe.

Attach the valve’s backplate and tighten the nuts to lock it, and then screw in the lance.

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3. Secure the cartridge filtration unit

Place the cartridge filtration unit approximately between the dispenser and the cold water line. Ensure there is sufficient clearance between the cabinet bottom and the system so that the cartridges can be replaced. Screw the cabinet back or wall to hold the device in place.

Secure the cartridge filtration unit
Secure the cartridge filtration unit

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4. Hook up the device

Cut a piece of plastic tubing so that it reaches between the system and the saddle valve. Ensure it is long enough so it is not kinked, but short enough so that a compression fitting (the connector at the end of the tubing) can be installed later.

Connect supply
Connect supply

Using an adjustable wrench, thread the tubing into the compression fitting, then fix it to the saddle valve.

5. Connect the filtration unit

Connect the water supply line to the filtration unit. Connect the opposite end of the tubing to another compression fitting and thread it onto the inlet port of the filtration unit. Tighten the nut with your hands, and then a half-turn or another turn after that, using an adjustable wrench.

Connect the filtration unit to the water supply
Connect the filtration unit to the water supply

6. Connect the water dispenser

Last but not least, cut a short piece of tubing to connect the water dispenser to the outlet port. Attach the dispenser and the system with compression fittings on both ends and thread the nuts. Turn on the water supply and open the water dispenser.

Connect the water dispenser to the filtration unit
Connect the water dispenser to the filtration unit

Make sure any carbon particles or air pockets are flushed out with water by running it for five minutes. According to most manufacturers, the water should run for about 20 seconds before use.

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